About ROX Media Network ROXMEDIA is the cable marketing company that offers its services throughout the geographical boundaries of Pakistan

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“You Dream We Implement”

Integrated marketing agency. Many say they are. Very few manage to deliver . ROX Media Network is an integrated marketing agency and has been from the very day it was set up. That’s why integration of all marketing disciplines is at the heart of what we do.

All our skills are in-house, which means we have full control over cost, quality and delivery so jobs are delivered on time and on budget. Our digital, creative and account teams work as one, ensuring ideas are swapped and migrate from one discipline to the other. To our clients that means one point of contact that can deliver all their needs.

Were genius bunch of professionals who like to do the right things. So we’ll always express our views, but always with their your interests at heart. No matter what through, We’ll always deliver the best possible solutions. After all, it’s easy to talk a good talk. No quite so easy to deliver.

ROX Media Network is the place where design meets advertising. We provide our clients with strong visual communication and powerful creative concepts. Our work is based on the philosophy that one picture says more then thousand words . We apply this theory to all work from visual identities to prints ads,from promotional materials to exhibition, motion graphics and we design. Because a strong brand identity is the foundation of any healthy companies. We first translate the positioning into a tangible visual identity. This brings your brand to life and gives it character and
personality. Once the identity is created. We help building your brand, ensuring consistacy across all visual communication.

ROX Media Network has highly experienced national network, with offices of Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The diversity of cultures and back grounds provides a wealth of vibrant new ideas and insights, enriching your brand. A transparent and personal ways of working, we offer speed, flexibility and effectiveness. We involve our clients in the process, but also like to surprise them.

 Here’s What we do:


Websites; apps; online advertising; email campaigns; e-commerce; resource sites; video production and editing; motion graphics; social media.


Brand identity and standards; logo; photography; image manipulation; integrated campaigns; global to local advertising; direct mail; copywriting; events; posters; giveaways; exhibition design

Strategy , Planning & Support

Campaign and project management; marketing strategy; marketing consultancy; brand strategy; planning; media planning; media buying; marketing support; research; events and and exhibitions.

Add all these together and what you get is great work for great clients. We’d love to tell you more so why not call us.


At Integrity Marketing, our work begins with sound research and planning. Only then do we move on to developing concepts, and turning them into distinctive and enduring brand marks and copy. We paint the right picture in the right minds to attract, connect and endear.

This is only half of the story.

To bring a brand to life, we start with a corporate brand review, followed by brand identity development process. We then implement the most effective tools to enhance brand management arriving at a winning brand experience.


We think and plan holistically. We bring forward our diagnostic tools and individual global experiences to gage the depth and breadth of our communication solutions. We do this to maximize target engagement and campaign impact.

We research, carefully sift through our findings, and absorb and reflect on the information before moving forward with integrity to nail down integral communication parameters. We craft the Brand Integrity (i.e. brand essence) to inspire creative minds. This becomes our enduring compass for determining what is OFF and ON brand equity.

When all is done, it's a moment of both satisfaction and pride.


Being an integrated marketing agency, we take a holistic approach to creating and enhancing your digital presence. We first understand your business, the challenges and where you want to be.

We then interview your customers wherever possible to gain insights. This knowledge drives and infuses our strategic, technical and creative thinking.

Together with email marketing, banner advertising, Pay per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our digital services are designed to maximize brand awareness and user engagement.

Please contact us for additional information and case studies.


Through an in-depth understanding of our clients' business plans, vision and operating landscape, we are able to maximize their approach to the market, be it about brand building, brand activation, revision in the marketing mix of products or revitalization of their existing brand.

The following are the key components of our assessment and recommendation strategy:

» Competitive Analysis

» Segmentation Analysis

» Integrated Marketing

» Market Research

» Brand Positioning


Below is a Brief summary of the available services provided by ROX Media Network :-

•Full fledge Advertising campaign including ATL , BTL and TTL

•Marketing and Advertising strategies

•Product Launching

•Sales promotion Programs

•Branding through TV serials, Video songs, Films

•Print Media ( Creative press Ads, Product shoot from magazine , Newspapers and Articles )

•Direct Marketing

•Internet Marketing ( Web designer, Web banner, E-mail Campaigns etc )

•Business Partner / Strategic Alliance programs

•Marketing Research ( Ad testing, Product/Campaigns feedback etc )

•Event Management ( Launching ceremonies, Stalls, Exhibitions, Musical shows etc )

•Television productions ( TVS, Songs, magazine show, Documentaries etc )

•Media Sales ad many more……